tirsdag 5. august 2008

Une robe, ca vie!

Dresses. Oh how I love dresses! My absolutely favourite clothing. It can speak for itself or you can style it up with jewelleries, scarfs, shoes, stockings, you name it. And so elegant and comfortable at the same time. So I will probably have some random 'dress'-posts here.

this picture is fantastic. and the dress!
found in french vogue,
'Répétition collection haute couture été 2008.'

I love the black one from 1960. Probably not easy to find a copy of it somehow, not with the flowery skirt at least, and that is what is so beautiful about it. I think that most black dresses are geniune boring, now matter how your hair looks like. But this one really made me want to have a black dress.

Another lovely black dress I don't find much boring.

and at last, this (I guess Vintage) dress
picture from liebemarlene.blogspot.com

But all mentioned are more for (really) special occasions. Which rarely occur in my life, so next dress post is probably more... down to earth.

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