onsdag 27. august 2008

it's pissing cats and dogs

Heello. My name is busy geek.

it was really autumn yesterday in my eyes, if only the trees had been golden as a lion. My outfit for the day (and yes, I finally bothered to shoot some pictures, go me). Red raincoat from Ilse Jacobsen which I adore so much, and also one of my favourite piece; my high waist-shorts.

I imagine school will be quite so demanding this last year, so whenever I post it will be completely random and weird posts as I do update when I am bored with homework. The bright side is, I am two weeks alonein the house and therefore my beloved will stay here for that time. bit stress, but oh so nice when the house is dark and scary in the night.

(oh oh, I got the last piece of book by Saabye Christensen, 'Bisettelsen', ooh, can't wait to start reading!)

tirsdag 19. august 2008


5 boys + 1 girl = Cyprus. We came home yesterday and was looking golden. It has been almost too warm, very noisy (for those who didn't want to party so much as some of the boys) and very very nice.

I was lucky enough to turn 19 the last day, sunday, and it was a day I will remember. My boyfriend woke me up with kisses and lovely presents. Rubik's cube, world's best easter chocolate (he had saved it!), a lunch box and a gorgeous golden heart-necklace. In the evening, they surprised me as well. I didn't realize the music in the (very full and busy) mexican restaurant was changed to bday-song. A waitress came out to me with firework-ice cream and a giantic sombero. It was hilarous and I swear - I WAS sunburnt..

Then, my boyfriend stole me away (and let the check to the other boys) and took me to the beach in the dark to drink 'champagne' (wine). He's the best.

All these pictures are shot early in the week and with this kinda one-time-camera.

I love you Rubik - not

I'm having fun whilst waiting for my payment that enters around midnight:

søndag 10. august 2008

cork me

picture and idea from designspongeonline.com

Interior is FUN. I can't wait until I live on my own and can let my creative sides go wild. Or, almost wild. Until then, I'll only surf around on design sites and let me be inspired to thousand. Like this splendid idea above a working desk - cork trivets!

Au revoir!

Øya-festival 6-9 august was an experience. We realized that Daniel forgot the poles for the tent (or what the name is) so we had to do the tent-installing all over at midnight. Working in the bar was awesome and I am so doing it again next year. Yeasayer was the highlight of the festival.

Today, I could finally wash my hair after some dirty festival/camping days, wash my clothes and eat proper food. Jumping around to assortet music in my chinese silk robe, high knee-socks, a coffee-cup and enjoyed a sunday on my own packing my suitcase whilst it's raining outside.

So, tomorrow morning I'm off to Cyprus with my boyfriend and four other guys to enjoy a last week of summer holiday.

tirsdag 5. august 2008

Une robe, ca vie!

Dresses. Oh how I love dresses! My absolutely favourite clothing. It can speak for itself or you can style it up with jewelleries, scarfs, shoes, stockings, you name it. And so elegant and comfortable at the same time. So I will probably have some random 'dress'-posts here.

this picture is fantastic. and the dress!
found in french vogue,
'Répétition collection haute couture été 2008.'

I love the black one from 1960. Probably not easy to find a copy of it somehow, not with the flowery skirt at least, and that is what is so beautiful about it. I think that most black dresses are geniune boring, now matter how your hair looks like. But this one really made me want to have a black dress.

Another lovely black dress I don't find much boring.

and at last, this (I guess Vintage) dress
picture from liebemarlene.blogspot.com

But all mentioned are more for (really) special occasions. Which rarely occur in my life, so next dress post is probably more... down to earth.

an apple a day

I can't remember where I found it but oh, how I love this outfit!

Went shopping today. Still do not see how I found so much when my company was 3 boys! Found the red raincoat I wanted, at Ilse Jacobsen. Also, I bought loads of long socks, and shoes.

However, off to a festival. Camping in the rain until Saturday. No pictures from me since I also bought a one-time-camera or what the name of it is. Adios :)

mandag 4. august 2008

it's raining cats and dogs

Last night, I had the funniest dream in ages. I realize I am in need of a fancy raincoat before the Øya Festival 6-9 august (rain every day!). And I want this kind of red rain-trench-coat, but not sure if I can find it before wednesday.

So, I dreamt that the lady who clean around at my work had a basement full of old 70s-clothes, loads of dresses and offered me to just have a go on everything I wanted. I never foun that red raincoat I was looking so hard for, but I foun some nice dresses and awesome sunglasses! However, it was just a dream. And she laughed hard when I tolded her today!

just like this one; blogs.orange.co.uk

and worn with a white version of this cute fisherman's hat!
picture from canis.no.

søndag 3. august 2008

I see

Yesterday I picked up my new reading glasses, first glasses I ever own. And I love them! So geeky, but it suits me perfectly as I am a bit geeky.

Me + Daniel = Paris

Yesterday, I booked plane tickets and hotel to Paris for me and my boyfriend, Daniel, in September/October. My parents promised me a trip to France so I could learn a tiny bit more french, and french culture, before my exam in November.

I can't wait! But while I wait I have to find out everything to do in Paris. And save lots of money.

Au revoir!