søndag 10. august 2008

Au revoir!

Øya-festival 6-9 august was an experience. We realized that Daniel forgot the poles for the tent (or what the name is) so we had to do the tent-installing all over at midnight. Working in the bar was awesome and I am so doing it again next year. Yeasayer was the highlight of the festival.

Today, I could finally wash my hair after some dirty festival/camping days, wash my clothes and eat proper food. Jumping around to assortet music in my chinese silk robe, high knee-socks, a coffee-cup and enjoyed a sunday on my own packing my suitcase whilst it's raining outside.

So, tomorrow morning I'm off to Cyprus with my boyfriend and four other guys to enjoy a last week of summer holiday.

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Maria sa...

Jeg så deg på storskjermen under Yeasayer! Hihi.