mandag 4. august 2008

it's raining cats and dogs

Last night, I had the funniest dream in ages. I realize I am in need of a fancy raincoat before the Øya Festival 6-9 august (rain every day!). And I want this kind of red rain-trench-coat, but not sure if I can find it before wednesday.

So, I dreamt that the lady who clean around at my work had a basement full of old 70s-clothes, loads of dresses and offered me to just have a go on everything I wanted. I never foun that red raincoat I was looking so hard for, but I foun some nice dresses and awesome sunglasses! However, it was just a dream. And she laughed hard when I tolded her today!

just like this one;

and worn with a white version of this cute fisherman's hat!
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