søndag 21. september 2008

cob web and revolvers

Yesterday it was Cluedo Super Challenge with friends and a good night's sleep. It is weeks since last I slept throughout the whole night. Extra nice when your boyfriend makes you breakfast, as well.

i just love how these fellows are in deep concentration during the gamel. Do I take another m&m or do I not?

found this early morning yesterday. just reminded me that autum is ahead quickly.

Today it is home-work day. Tomorrow as well. Whole week is actually packed. However, I got paid yesterday ( :D ) and it is only 9 (!) days until we live for Paris. And I've just learned why we never have this large earth quakes i Norway, just tiny shakes.

4 kommentarer:

sigrid sa...

det var et utrolig fint bilde

Morbeline sa...


Paula sa...

Cluedo :D Vi har spillkvelder her i Trondheim ^^ du får være med til neste år :D

Morbeline sa...

Genialt :D