torsdag 18. september 2008


For the past days I've had some thoughts about other peoples thoughts. It is very weird.
Let me explain:
When I sit on the bus, I usually listen to music. But as always for me, the music is only in the background of my mind. I constantly sit in deep thoughts and stare out the window, or look around and observe the people and setting around me. So lately, I've catched myself in wondering what other people are thinking about when I see them doing the same as I. Especially those people I've always imagine only care about drinking and show-off.
What are you thinking of, darling?

today was all black and white. I love autum, because then all warm clothes from last year are being taken out of the closet. Hightwaist trousers, prison-top and my old coat from Zara.

And today I discovered this fantastic blog, The Snowshoe Rabbit, a girl with the taste I completely adore (but would never dare or have the imagination to get fully inspired).

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